Domestic Transportation

IPC-L  has strategic partnerships with national carrier fleets affording our customers priority booking and competitive rates. We a full range of origin/consolidation services by ocean and air. We work closely with your factories to manage your purchase order from the point of issue, convert and pull shipping orders, and optimize container loading.

Warehousing Services

Our Swarehousing and distribution program is fully integrated with our mature import/export, CHB and domestic distribution services, providing a seamless fulfillment solution with a total 450,000 square feet of US Customs bonded facilities in 8 strategic locations in the United States.


We are leading air freight service provider with high performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs


Handling customers products is a delicacy, we make it out top priority. Delivering luggage at prompt is ensured with us. All are machinery are constantly checked before take off. The harder the better. At Action that’s our attitude and our business. We haul chemicals and substances that keep manufacturing plants humming. We haul machinery and products that don’t fit in the trailers others use.


Flexible Transportation

IPC Logistics delivers our customers the capability to handle seasonal shipping spikes, dedicated capacity and unique equipment regardless of the transportation mode. We offer contract pricing for cost management as well as the pricing structure flexibility for customers ranging from cost-plus to fee-based models. IPC Logistics customers enjoy the benefit of leveraging the buying power of a minority-owned company and the expertise we have established in the transportation market.


Pet transportation

IPC Logistics provides door-to-door pet shipping and air travel services for dogs, cats and other animals. We specialize in International pet transportation and ship to over 85 countries. Our pet travel service includes airline reservations, shipping permits and documentation required for animal shipment to foreign countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore & South Africa.

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